Engaging ESL Lessons on the Three Wise Men

Teaching about the three wise men, or the Magi, in the ESL classroom can be a fun and interesting way to introduce students to the Christmas story. The Magi are an important part of the Christmas story, as they were the first to recognize the birth of Jesus and to bring him gifts. Teaching about the Magi can help students understand the importance of the Christmas story and can also help them learn about different cultures and customs. Here are five ideas for teaching about the three wise men in the ESL classroom.

Some simple ideas:
  • Introduce the story of the Three Wise Men to the class.
  • Ask the students to discuss what they already know about the story.
  • Show pictures or videos of the story and guide them towards a discussion.
  • Create ESL-specific activities such as matching names and descriptions of each wise man.
  • Let the students demonstrate their understanding of the story through role play or storytelling.
  • Introduce the religious and cultural elements of the story.
  • Discuss the cultural backgrounds of the men, why they decided to bring such gifts, and what they symbolize.
  • Show the students pictures of the men and discuss the different features that make them unique.
  • Tell a story using puppets or dolls to help the students envision the scene.
  • Discuss how different cultures celebrate the three wise men and how the gifts. symbolize certain meanings.

Introducing the Three Wise Kings

The Three Wise Kings—also known as the Three Kings or the Magi—were important figures in the nativity story. The bible often refers to them collectively as the east. To help children learn about the Wise Kings, you could make a presentation about their journey eastward and then talk about their individual names and journeys, such as Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthasar. A great way to engage students is to ask them to create different crafts that represent each of the Wise Kings. These can be used to recreate the story in a fun and interactive way!

They followed a star to find the baby Jesus, and brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to honor him. The bible tells us that these three Wise Kings were guided by a higher power to follow a star in search of the newborn King. This story can be taught to children in many ways, such as through bible studies, art projects, or Christmas pageants. These activities can help bring the bible passage to life and provide instruction in the importance of following one's faith and honoring God’s chosen King.

Teaching children about the Three Wise Kings can help them learn valuable lessons about faith and generosity Moreover, teaching children about magui, the Three Wise Kings, can help them learn valuable lessons about faith and generosity. It's a great way to talk to kids about the importance of giving and believing in things greater than themselves. It also emphasizes the importance of being generous with our time and talents. The story of magui shows that we can all make a difference in the world no matter how small.
Exploring the Symbolic Meaning of the Three Gifts

The three gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh represent the three virtues of kingship, that is, generosity, wisdom, and humility. To teach children about the Wise Kings from the east, start by explaining the story of King Herod and how he was so jealous and fearful of Jesus that he tried to kill him. Tell them about how the Wise Kings followed the star in the east to find Jesus and bring him gifts as a sign of their faith. Use props, like gold coins or frankincense, to make it more visual for the children. Invite them to dress up like kings and magi, and have each “king” bring a gift representing the three virtues of kingship. You can also read stories about the Wise Kings to help bring their journey to life.

They also symbolize Jesus’s identity as a king – gold representing his royal bloodline, frankincense symbolizing his holiness and divinity, and myrrh signifying his mortality and eventual death on the cross. Teaching children about the wise kings from the east is a great way to introduce them to the story of Jesus. You can use stories, pictures, or role-playing games to help them understand the symbolic gifts that the three wise men brought Jesus. By talking about how each gift represents different characteristics of Jesus, children will get a better understanding of his divine nature and how his life impacted those around him.

Teaching children about these symbolic meanings helps them to understand the significance of the Wise Kings’ gifts in a deeper way and appreciate the story at a higher level Moreover, teaching the story of the Wise Kings to children can be a great way to introduce and explain the symbolic meanings of their gifts. By helping children to understand the significance of these gifts, it helps them to appreciate the story at a higher level. It also helps them gain a deeper understanding of the true meaning behind the Wise Kings’ visit to see baby Jesus.

Engaging ESL Students with Activities to Remember the Story

Have the children create their own crowns and dress up like one of the Wise Kings to get them excited and engaged in the story of the Wise Kings. Depending on their age, you can read parts of the Bible passages to them or have them listen to a movie or story about the Wise Kings. Let them discuss what they think the Wise Kings looked like, how they acted, and why they followed the star to Bethlehem. You can also play games such as “Name That Wise King” where children must identify which Wise King is being described. By combining fun activities with education, your lesson about the Wise Kings will be a success!

Create a paper mache star and have them decorate it with glitter and stickers to represent the magui, or wise kings, who followed the star to Bethlehem in search for the baby Jesus. This is a great way to make the story come to life and allow children to actively participate in understanding it. Furthermore, you could get creative with craft materials like paint, pipe cleaners and beads and have them create their own magui figures. This can be a fun activity as they choose their magui colours and design them however they like while learning about this important part of the Christmas story.

Incorporate music by having them sing and dance along to songs about the Wise Kings’ journey to Bethlehem Similarly, incorporating music into the teachings of the Wise Kings can help make the story come to life. Have children sing and dance along to songs about the journey of the Wise Kings as they make their way to Bethlehem. This is a great way to get children engaged in learning about the Wise Kings and also adds some fun to their learning experience.

Games for Learning about the Journey of the Three Wise Kings

Allow children to create their own journey map and follow the route of the three wise kings to explore the story of the Wise Men. Encourage active participation by having them create a mural or craft that depicts the three kings or their gifts. Have them dress up or act out their parts as they journey to Bethlehem. With some imagination, children can even pretend to be one of the wise men and come up with unique gifts to bring the newborn King. Through this engaging and interactive learning experience, children will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of the Wise Men's journey and its place in Christian history.

Play a game of charades to help children understand the gifts that were given by each wise king in the bible. Have children divide into groups, then each group can take turns acting out different bible stories that feature the wise kings and their gifts. This activity helps them to remember the bible stories in a fun, interactive way. Additionally, you can read bible passages to the children and ask questions about what each wise king gave and why they did it. Incorporating bible verses into arts and crafts is also a great way to teach children about the wise kings in an engaging manner.

Use roleplay to recreate the meeting between baby Jesus and the three wise kings and allow children to take on different roles Thereafter, roleplay is an excellent tool for teaching children about the bible story of the three wise kings visiting baby Jesus. It allows children to take on different roles and imagine what the historic event might have looked like. This creative approach can be fun and engaging for children, while also encouraging bible literacy.

Incorporating Song, Art and Crafts Into Teaching About The Three Kings

Incorporate songs into your teaching to help engage children and make the story of the Wise Kings more engaging. Teaching bible stories to children is a great way to help them learn bible verses and bible stories. As well as that, it can also help kids learn about the Wise Kings and what they mean to us. Songs are a great way to pull the bible stories to life and make them more interesting for children. Use bible-based songs or create your own, depending on what works for your class. You could also use videos or craft activities which will help children remember the story better. By using different activities, you can make bible lessons more exciting and entertaining for young students.

Arts and crafts can be used to help children create their own representations of the Wise Kings, amplifying the experience. By involving the children in the creative process, they can develop a deeper understanding of the Wise Kings as they come up with their own interpretations. Ideas include letting the children make paper crowns, colouring in large posters of the Wise Kings, or making 3D models of camels to honour their journey. Engaging in such activities can help children remember the story of the Wise Kings and develop an appreciation for their courage and wisdom.

Explaining the importance of gifts in the story can also be a great opportunity to teach children about generosity and kindness Furthermore, teaching children about the Wise Kings and their gifts can also be a great opportunity to emphasize the importance of generosity, kindness, and thoughtfulness. Through this lesson, children may even begin to understand the importance of their own actions and how kindness can transcend boundaries.

Building Connections between The Wise Men and Your Preschoolers

Introduce the idea of generosity and sacrifice by discussing the gifts that the Wise Men brought to baby Jesus. Using a mix of stories and activities can help children to understand the significance of their gifts. For instance, you could read the Christmas story from the Bible and talk about how each Wise King offered something special: gold for royalty, frankincense for worship and myrrh for death. Then, you could provide tangible examples of these symbols and make a craft out of them. For example, giving children gold foil paper to create a crown or having them write prayers on paper with frankincense perfume sprayed on it. Through these activities, children can learn more about the Wise Men and their symbolic gifts to Jesus.

Discuss how the Wise Men used the stars to guide their journey, while teaching children about brilliant stars in the night sky. Children can be captivated by the ancient story of the Wise Kings and their epic journey to Bethlehem. Using star charts, visual aids, and interactive activities such as creating a three dimensional star chart, children can learn about the Wise Kings’ journey, and use the stars to find their way. By comparing what was seen in the night sky by the Wise Kings with what is seen in the night sky today, children will gain an appreciation for how Christianity spread through ancient cultures. With this knowledge, children will have a deeper understanding of this profound story and its legacy.

Explain how persistence and courage can help us reach our goals, as demonstrated by the Wise Men's journey to Bethlehem All in all, the story of the Wise Men's journey to visit Jesus is a great example for children of how persistence and courage can help us reach our goals. The journey was a long one and filled with many obstacles, but their commitment and determination enabled them to make it to Bethlehem. Demonstrating this kind of effort in our own lives can lead to rewarding outcomes and positive results.


In conclusion, teaching the story of the three wise men in an ESL classroom is a fun and engaging way to introduce some of the ancient cultures, beliefs, and customs that form the foundation of much of today's society. By providing students with the opportunity to be creative and explore different cultures, students can gain a better understanding of how diverse their world is. With this knowledge, students can draw on the amazing gifts brought by the wise men to create a more tolerant and accepting world for everyone.

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