Inspiring Language Learners: Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is an iconic figure in American history. His work as a civil rights leader helped to change the landscape of race relations in the United States. He also gave a famous speech that is known all over the world. "I Have a Dream" is a powerful message of hope and equality. It is also a great teaching tool for ESL students. There are many ways to incorporate Dr. King's work into your ESL lesson plans. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Here are a few tips: 
Use authentic materials: There are a wealth of resources available online and in libraries that can help you bring the life and work of Dr. King to your students.

Make it personal: Have your students share their own experiences with discrimination and prejudice. 

Get creative: There are lots of great lesson plans and activities out there that can help your students learn about Dr. King in a fun and engaging way. 

Be respectful: It's important to remember that Dr. King was a real person, with real feelings and emotions. Be sure to treat his life and work with the respect it deserves.

Here you have some ideas:

  • Get students to read about his life
  • Have students listen to speeches he gave
  • Discuss with students what racism is and how it's still present today
  • Have students write about how they would have felt if they had lived during the civil rights movement
  • Get students to make a collage or timeline of MLK's life
  • Have students listen to music from the civil rights movement
  • Discuss with students what they think MLK's dream was and is
  • Start with basic information about who he was and what he did
  • Share some of his famous quotes
  • Introduce students to the concept of civil rights and talk about how MLK fought for them
  • Have a discussion about what students think MLK would say about current social issues
  • Finish with a lesson on peaceful protests and how they can be used to make change
  • Use pictures and videos to introduce him
  • Have students listen to a speech and then discuss it
  • Read a short biography and then discuss his importance
  • Assign a research project on him
  • Celebrate his birthday in class
  • Learn about his family
  • Discuss his "I Have a Dream" speech

More ideas? Check it out!

When teaching about MLK in the ESL classroom, it's important to focus on his message of equality and justice for all. Use activities and discussions that encourage students to think about ways they can make a difference in their own communities. Help students understand that even though MLK is no longer with us, his work continues on through those who carry on his legacy.

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